The Lakers Want Another Lottery Pick


It was reported today that the Lakers want another lottery pick in Thursday’s NBA draft. Currently, the Lakers sit at number two and 28 in the first round, which is apparently not good enough. The team has engaged in trade talks with two other teams already. Their front office also remains adamant that their current number two pick is not up for grabs.

So, for the Lakers to actually make the move into the lottery for a second time on Thursday, they will most likely have to give up their 28th pick as part of the deal. However, the rest of the imaginary trade remains to be seen, talked about, or even guessed. Who they are and aren’t willing to give up for another lottery pick is still a mystery. Let us know on Twitter who you think they would trade and trade with on Twitter @NBALEAD.

Not surprising hearing this news a day after Paul George stated he will be leaving Indiana in 2018 and prefers the Lakers. The Lakers could be trying to improve their team as much as possible to show PG13 that it truly is a good landing spot for him in 2018 or they could be trying to acquire their own trade bait to try and get George in a trade this year.



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Andrew Jakubicz is a CPA who loves the Bucks. Andrew graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Master and Bachelors Degree in Accounting and currently resides in downtown Milwaukee.

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