The Lead’s Top 5 Fights In NBA History


Mayweather-McGregor. The most hyped fight ever. 49-0 going up against 0-0. While the odds are heavily in Mayweather’s favor, McGregor’s ability to land one devastating blow has fans eagerly placing bets on the Notorious Irishman.

In honor of today’s fight, we here at The Lead have compiled a Top 5 Fights in NBA History:

Honorable Mention: Alonzo Mourning vs Larry Johnson

This fight features two former teammates going at it during an intense playoff series. The funniest part about this fight isn’t that most of the punches didn’t make any contact. It’s Jeff Van Gundy wrapping himself on the leg of a Miami Heat player, trying to stop the fighting. Never change, Jeff Van Gundy.

Honorable Mention: Marcus Camby vs Danny Ferry

This fight is crazy. And once again, Jeff Van Gundy found himself in the middle of the chaos. Marcus Camby took exception to a cheap shot, and charged at the Spurs bench. He missed his intended target, Danny Ferry. However, he knocked out his assistant coach, Jeff Van Gundy. Poor Jeff. Wrong place, wrong time.

5) Chris Childs vs Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant will go down in history as one of the greatest players of all time. Chris Childs will go down as the one of the only players to ever clock The Mamba. Kobe initiated the fight with an elbow to Childs’ face, but Childs finished it with a Mayweather-style 1-2 to the face.

4) Shaquille O’Neal vs Charles Barkley

Two of our favorite Inside The NBA hosts going at it. While they may seem like good friends now, they are part of one of the greatest fights in NBA history. While Barkley was a big, strong forward who no one wanted to mess with, prime Shaquille O’Neal was a different monster. Lucky for Sir Charles that The Diesel didn’t get any big punches to make contact.

3) Dr. J vs Larry Bird

Two of the greatest players of all time, Larry Bird and Julius Erving. What’s better than both of them facing off on the basketball court? I guess both of them trying to knock each other out. Bird and Erving were going back and forth on the court, with Erving knocking down Bird. Bird tried to fight back, but when he was held by Moses Malone and Charles Barkley, Dr. J had a field day, landing punches all over Bird’s face.

2) Denver Nuggets vs New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks, fighting. No, I’m not talking about Melo’s contract situation right now, but an incident that occurred when he was a member of the Denver Nuggets. When New York’s Mardy Collins flung Denver’s J.R. Smith following a lay-up attempt, madness broke out in Madison Square Garden. An all-out brawl between these two teams resulted in 7 suspensions, with Melo being banned for 15 games. Even when the Knicks are terrible, they manage to make basketball interesting.

1) Indiana Pacers vs Detroit Pistons

Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, and Ben Wallace in a blowout game featuring two division rivals. People were probably expecting some chippy play in this game. No one could have predicted the brawl that ensued. Ron Artest getting doused in beer, Stephen Jackson racing through the seats in the Palace of Auburn Hills to knock out a Pistons fan, and fans throwing beer bottles at the Pacers. The ‘Malice at the Palace’ will always be remembered as the greatest fight in NBA history, and rounds out our top 5.






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