Opt Out Imminent? Landing Spots for Dwight Howard?


By: Cale Michael


At the end of this season it appears Dwight Howard plans to opt out of the final year in his contract and walk away from Houston after a disappointing season. After what he did after a similar year with the Lakers many teams have already prepared pitches for the big man and are ready to shoot them his way. Though he might not be the best player in the five spot but for a team needing to fill that void he would be perfect. Here are a few of the teams that have shown interest that would make good homes for Superman 2.0.


Dwight Howard to the Dallas Mavericks


Dallas has wanted to bring in Dwight Howard for some time now but never really had the opportunity to do it until now. If Howard wants to have a team that truly belongs to him but still play with some good players the Mavs is the ideal scenario. Dirk has one or two years left in him and with supporters like Wes Matthews and Chandler Parsons, who he played with for a few years in Houston, he should be contending for a good many years. If Dwight can continue playing the way he has been playing this season or perhaps have a bit of a resurgence then Dallas could be a very dangerous team next season. It should be noted that Dallas has said they want him but will not give him the max contract. We shall see if this endangers their chances.


Charlotte Hornets


Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum have been keeping the Hornets in the playoff discussion all season long even with the injuries and drama surrounding Al Jefferson. So what if during the offseason they swap Al for Dwight or even keep both of them and play them together? Either way that team would be a potential contender in the East almost instantly. If the players they have now can keep it up with the new additions I’d say it would be a great chance to take the team up a notch. There are a few snags that might set them back and they aren’t the biggest market but they might be able to offer Howard the near max deal he will try and reign in so that helps their chances.


Boston Celtics


Ah the Celtics are last and for good reason. Personal bias wants them to stay far away from this potentially disastrous move while the other side wants them to take the risk on Howard and see if it pays off. It will add the rim defender the Celtics still need despite the admirable job Amir Johnson this season, and give them a reliable scorer in the post to pair with their nicely spaced lineups. The real question is would Howard entertain their offers? It is highly doubtful that the C’s will offer him a max deal and Coach Brad Stevens will not put up with a lack of effort on Howard’s part so the sides might clash on that front. If they do succeed in signing him to a discounted price and Stevens can bring back some of the Howard from days past look for the Celtics to contend even harder in the years to come.


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