Daytona 500 purse in high gear, $ 23 million on top

Daytona Beach, Fla. (AP) – NASCAR recorded 4 drivers racing at Daytona 3 for $ 2 million.

The grant company released the total purse on Friday, in the face of a company that has not paid off since the 2015 season. NSCAR’s charter system with parties previously prohibited the publication of financial statements. The Race Team Alliance announced Thursday that it is close to agreeing with NASCAR’s proposal to extend the four-year term in the ongoing charter system.

NASCAR has experienced significant changes to its business model in recent years with the decrease of sponsorship dollars. The drivers had to adjust a lot, many of them worked for less guaranteed money and relied more on winning the purse.

The Daytona 500 purse race has steadily increased since the start of the race. Lee Petty raised about $ 20,000 to win the inaugural “Great American Race.” This year’s winner will receive an unknown amount

The purse topped $ 1 million in 1985 and raised some $ 18 million in 2015, the figures were released last year.

The fifth-season salesman to pull off Sunday’s race, President Donald Trump ordered drivers to start their engines.

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