NASCAR’s guessing game: Trying to predict the Daytona 500

Daytona Beach, Fla. (AP) – The most important skill in the surviving Daytona 500.

NASCAR’s season opener is a three-hour, white knuckle thrill ride at 200 miles per hour in cramped quarters that’s more like finding holes and assistance than speed and handling.

The fastest car rarely wins, and Junkard has great shots like finishing the victory lane.

That is why little is known Michael McDowell There are about Top-10 finishes at Daytona International Speedway as Daley Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick And Jimmy Johnson After rebuilding the famed track in the 21st.

McDowell is far from the only Fluke highlights the unexpected nature of the recent top-tier looking SuperSpeed ​​Racing in Daytona and gives hope to every driver in the 40-car field.

“To finish first, you have to finish, don’t you?” Senior driver Clint Bauer Md. “You get there. Literally the hardest thing to do is to finish the race with four of your fenders.

Thirty years after the Derrick Cop quickly recognized the most unlikely victory in Daytona 500 history, the track has reached new heights – more of a “who’s who” scene than those who are racing with auto racing in the end.

“Think of the way I first started, how did you have to manage, step back and forth and take bold steps,” said Boyer, a 5-year-old from “The Great American Race.” And seamlessly the 28-cup series begins in Daytona.

“Now it’s alive. You can survive,” he said. “How do you find that hole that is a safe hole that you can survive and make it to the end” “

McDowell, Chris Boucher, Matt DeBenedetto, AJ Allmanger, T. Dillon And Eric Jones The top-ten in Daytona is one of them compared to the decade Kyle Larson, Considered one of NASCAR’s most complete and capable drivers.

Austin Dillon, Paul Maynard and Ryan Newman The fame has added to the track for more top-decades Danny Hamlin, Kyle Bush And Brad Keselowski.

Weird, isn’t it? Some races look pretty straightforward, even for Daytona.

Ryan Press And Ross Chastain Almost half of the field fell into the top ten at last year’s 500 after two late crashes on the sideline.

Austin Dillon launches his second career Cup Series win in the 2018 opener partly thanks to a 12-car pileup in overtime. Dillon led just in one lap, the last one.

The July race in Daytona has become even more chaotic.

A new soldier Justin Haley It won last year’s rain-shortened defeat that included Corey Lazoie, Dbidneto and Matt Tifft in the top ten in This was the second straight year that the winner only led in the final lap.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.., McDowell, David ragan, Brendan Gogan And Boucher came to the end of 2017 himself.

“Basically it’s about making good decisions about the racetrack and the people on the track want to work with being a smart guy,” Dibenedato said. “It does everything you can to control it to the best of your ability and then, expect everything that is out of your control to work because your luck is good.”

The 2010 rebuild changed everything in Daytona.

The rusty, slippery and smelly racing surface, which prompts tire changes at almost every pit stop, is gone. Instead, the new duffy, high-banked track near the 2-mile mark made the pack racing one of the most watched in Daytona. At the end of Trader Bayne’s second career Cup victory lane on the 27th, Tandem Racing became.

Several rule changes have made tag-team racing senile, but two cars are locking bumpers and pushing bumping the fastest path around the track. And teamwork has become, after all, something that is discussed before, during and after the race.

“Knit it,” Buescher said. “A lot of things are under your control. It has a lot of skills and a lot of good decisions need to be made. But there is also a matter of luck. “

Hamlin has been one of the lucky ones in recent years. One of three drivers to win the Defending Race – McDowell and co Joe Logano – Drawn to Daytona 500 to reach the top 10. In the last six years, Hamlin has finished in the top 10 of the 500 five times.

“I talk about trying to be in the right position. That doesn’t mean I won’t be wasted in the first lap, “said Hamlin.” I think the law of the average would tell you that I’d be crushed about the next six or seven Daytona 500s because I didn’t have the last six or eight.

“I thought that was a factor to be in the end. You just don’t know. I’ll keep trying to do the same thing. Who knows what will happen?”

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