NBA players birthdays: What Star Sign Does Your Favorite NBA Player Have?

Watching each and every game is something else, you deserve your real fan award, but do you know what star sign is your favorite player?

What is the star sign of your favorite NBA player?

We will call you a diehard NBA fan and all of your time is spent glued to the telly when a new season kicks off, but have you gone as far as knowing the birthdays and the star signs of all your favorite players?

Probably not.

But now is your chance because we are here today with a far-flung and extensive list of all them basketball heartthrobs and their birthdays along with their star signs.

So do not break a sweat, cause we have got your back! Go through this list to find your favorite player and then you will be able to call yourself a true fan.

Coming in first, Aries

Bragging a cheerful disposition, relentless passion for what they do, as well as motivation and confidence that is unmatchable,

Aries are born between 20th March and 19th April. They are competitive, honest, and courageous.

But which NBA players are blessed with this passion and competitiveness that is vital for athletes?

Darius MillerMarch 21, 1990New Orleans
Miles BridgesMarch 21, 1998Charlotte
Taurean PrinceMarch 22, 1994Brooklyn
John KoncharMarch 22, 1996Memphis
Chimezie MetuMarch 22, 1997Spurs
Gordon HaywardMarch 23, 1990Boston
Kyrie IrvingMarch 23, 1992Brooklyn
Quinn CookMarch 23, 1993Los Angeles Lakers
Myles TurnerMarch 24, 1996Indiana
Marco BelinelliMarch 25, 1986Spurs
Kyle LowryMarch 25, 1986Toronto
T.J. McConnellMarch 25, 1992Indiana
Kyle O’QuinnMarch 26, 1990Philadelphia
Ryan ArcidiaconoMarch 26, 1994Chicago
Justise WinslowMarch 26, 1996Memphis
Wenyen Gabriel March 26, 1997Portland
Jordan McRaeMarch 28, 1991Detroit
Justin JacksonMarch 28, 1995Dallas
Max Strus March 28, 1996Chicago
Admiral SchofieldMarch 30, 1997Washington
Jaylen Hoard March 30, 1999Portland
Brook LopezApril 1, 1988Milwaukee
Robin LopezApril 1, 1988Milwaukee
Mitchell RobinsonApril 1, 1988New York
Pascal SiakamApril 2, 1994Toronto
Frank Mason III April 3, 1994Milwaukee
Jarred VanderbiltApril 3, 1999Minnesota
Daniel TheisApril 4, 1992Boston
Frank KaminskyApril 4, 1993Phoenix
Justin HolidayApril 5, 1989Indiana
Spencer DinwiddieApril 6, 1993Brooklyn
Louis King April 6, 1999Detroit
Dario ŠarićApril 8, 1994Phoenix
Cedi OsmanApril 8, 1995Cleveland
Jordan McLaughlin April 9, 1996Minnesota
Juan Toscano-AndersonApril 10, 1993Golden State Warriors
Nerlens NoelApril 10, 199Oklahoma Thunder
Vlatko ČančarApril 10, 1997Denver
Wendell Carter Jr.April 16, 1999Chicago
Juwan MorganApril 17, 1997Utah
Kenny Wooten April 17, 1998New York
Nicolas ClaxtonApril 17, 1999Brooklyn
Bojan BogdanovićApril 18, 1989Utah
Caleb SwaniganApril 18, 1997Portland
Kelly OlynykApril 19, 1991Miami
NBA Players with the Aries sign.

The dark horse, Taurus

Having an undying love for luxury and comfort as well as stubbornness that out does all the other signs, Taurus is a very stoic and practical sign.

Taurus are born roughly between April 20th and May 20th.

Well, the love for luxury is seen in NBA players whether they are Taurus or not.

But which players are truly Taurus?

Jarrett AllenApril 21, 1998Brooklyn
Reggie JacksonMay 18, 1946Los Angeles Clippers
Duncan RobinsonApril 22, 1994Miami
Alize JohnsonApril 22, 1996Indiana
Harry GilesApril 22, 1998Sacramento
Delon WrightApril 26, 1992Dallas
Chandler HutchisonApril 26, 1996Chicago
Moritz WagnerApril 26, 1997Washington
KZ OkpalaApril 28, 1999Miami
T.J. LeafApril 30, 1997Indiana
Thabo SefoloshaMay 2, 1984Houston
Paul GeorgeMay 2, 1990Los Angeles Clippers
Domantas SabonisMay 3, 1996Indiana
George HillMay 4, 1986Milwaukee
Victor OladipoMay 4, 1992Indiana
Dorian Finney-SmithMay 4, 1993Dallas
Johnathan Motley May 4, 1995Los Angeles Clippers
Frank JacksonMay 4, 1998New Orleans
Kevin Porter Jr.May 4, 2000Cleveland
P.J. TuckerMay 5, 1985Houston
Isaiah HartensteinMay 5, 1998Houston
Chris PaulMay 6, 1985Oklahoma Thunder
Goran DragićMay 6, 1986Miami
Sir’Dominic PointerMay 6, 1992Cleveland
Jonas ValančiūnasMay 6, 1992Memphis
Damyean DotsonMay 6, 1994New York
Garrett TempleMay 8, 1986Brooklyn
Kemba WalkerMay 8, 1990Boston
Khyri ThomasMay 8, 1996Detroit
Džanan MusaMay 8, 1999Brooklyn
Nemanja BjelicaMay 9, 1988Sacramento
Yogi FerrellMay 9, 1993Sacramento
Timothé Luwawu-CabarrotMay 9, 1995Brooklyn
Wilson ChandlerMay 10, 1987Brooklyn
Tyus JonesMay 10, 1996Memphis
Maurice HarklessMay 11, 1993New York
Mohamed BambaMay 12, 1998Orlando
Ersan İlyasovaMay 15, 1987Milwaukee
Terence DavisMay 16, 1997Toronto
Terrance FergusonMay 17, 1998Oklahoma Thunder
Clint CapelaMay 18, 1994Atlanta
Raul NetoMay 19, 1992Philadelphia
Jarrod UthoffMay 19, 1993Memphis
Enes KanterMay 20, 1992Boston
NBA Players with the Taurus sign.

The social butterflies, Geminis

Exceedingly outgoing, intellectually curious, and a lil bit nosy, Geminis are social enthusiasts born between May 21st and June 21st. They are intelligent, adaptable, but at the same time, quite unreliable. They buzz between various hobbies, passions, and even friend groups. Which ones of your favourite NBA players are Geminis?

Johnathan Williams May 22, 1995Washington
Lauri MarkkanenMay 22, 1997Chicago
Jaxson HayesMay 23, 2000New Orleans
Norman PowellMay 25, 1993Toronto
Willy HernangómezMay 27, 1994Charlotte
De’Anthony MeltonMay 28, 1998Memphis
Carmelo AnthonyMay 29, 1984Portland
Stanley JohnsonMay 29, 1996Toronto
Markelle FultzMay 29, 1998Orlando
Jeremy LambMay 30, 1992Indiana
Harrison BarnesMay 30, 1992Sacramento
Anthony TolliverJune 1, 1985Memphis
Al HorfordJune 3, 1986Philadelphia
Otto PorterJune 3, 1993Chicago
Josh Reaves June 4, 1997Dallas
Zhaire SmithJune 4, 1999Philadelphia
Ed DavisJune 5, 1989Utah
Royce O’NealeJune 5, 1993Utah
Jordan ClarksonJune 7, 1992Utah
Danuel HouseJune 7, 1993Houston
Jarrell BrantleyJune 7, 1996Utah
Anfernee SimonsJune 8, 1999Portland
Udonis HaslemJune 9, 1980Miami
Jeff TeagueJune 10, 1988Atlanta
Sviatoslav MykhailiukJune 10, 1997Detroit
Jrue HolidayJune 12, 1990New Orleans
Mychal MulderJune 12, 1994Golden State Warriors
Darius BazleyJune 12, 2000Oklahoma Thunder
Hassan WhitesideJune 13, 1989Portland
Jalen LecqueJune 13, 2000Phoenix
Gabe Vincent June 14, 1996Miami
RJ BarrettJune 14, 2000New York
Alex LenJune 16, 1993Sacramento
Ky BowmanJune 16, 1997Golden State Warriors
Georges NiangJune 17, 1993Utah
Amir Coffey June 17, 1997Los Angeles Clippers
Jacob EvansJune 18, 1997Minnesota
Marvin WilliamsJune 19, 1986Milwaukee
Jeremiah Martin June 19, 1996Brooklyn
Jordan PooleJune 19, 1999Golden State Warriors
Oshae Brissett June 20, 1998Toronto
NBA Players with the Gemini sign

Known for their diehard loyalty, Cancers

Perhaps one of the most significant traits of a Cancer is their loyalty.

In addition to loyalty, Cancers are too caring, protective, and mostly way too sensitive as well.

Born between June 21st and July 22nd, Cancers have personalities offering more than they show.

But which NBA players are Cancers?

Thaddeus YoungJune 21, 1988Chicago
JaMychal GreenJune 21, 1990Los Angeles Clippers
Danny GreenJune 22, 1987Los Angeles Lakers
J.J. RedickJune 24, 1984New Orleans
Taj GibsonJune 24, 1985New York
Luke KennardJune 24, 1996Detroit
J.J. BareaJune 26, 1984Dallas
Rudy GobertJune 26, 1992Utah
Monte MorrisJune 27, 1995Denver
Bradley BealJune 28, 1993Washington
Kawhi LeonardJune 29, 1991Los Angeles Clippers
Michael Porter Jr.June 29, 1998Denver
Trevor ArizaJune 30, 1985Portland
Damian JonesJune 30, 1995Atlanta
Tariq Owens June 30, 1995Phoenix
Kent BazemoreJuly 1, 1989Sacramento
James EnnisJuly 1, 1990Orlando
Mike MuscalaJuly 1, 1991Oklahoma Thunder
Derrick WhiteJuly 2, 1994Spurs
Marquese ChrissJuly 2, 1997Golden State Warriors
DeAndre’ BembryJuly 4, 1994Atlanta
Kobi Simmons July 4, 1997Charlotte
Ish SmithJuly 5, 1988Washington
Jae CrowderJuly 6, 1990Miami
Zion WilliamsonJuly 6, 2000New Orleans
Cristiano FelícioJuly 7, 1992Chicago
Ty JeromeJuly 8, 1997Phoenix
Kevin Hervey July 9, 1996Oklahoma Thunder
Jaylen NowellJuly 9, 1999Minnesota
Jared DudleyJuly 10, 1985Los Angeles Lakers
Patrick BeverleyJuly 12, 1988Los Angeles Clippers
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderJuly 12, 1998Oklahoma Thunder
Dante ExumJuly 13, 1995Cleveland
Shabazz NapierJuly 14, 1991Washington
Damian LillardJuly 15, 1990Portland
Troy DanielsJuly 15, 1991Denver
Derrick FavorsJuly 15, 1991New Orleans
Tobias HarrisJuly 15, 1992Philadelphia
Luke KornetJuly 15, 1995Chicago
Mike ScottJuly 16, 1988Philadelphia
OG AnunobyJuly 17, 1997Toronto
Thanasis AntetokounmpoJuly 18, 1992Milwaukee
Bam AdebayoJuly 18, 1997Miami
Adam MokokaJuly 18, 1998Chicago
LaMarcus AldridgeJuly 19, 1985Spurs
Dwight PowellJuly 20, 1991Dallas
Alec BurksJuly 20, 1991Philadelphia
Steven AdamsJuly 20, 1993Oklahoma Thunder
Ben SimmonsJuly 20, 1996Philadelphia
Goga BitadzeJuly 20, 1999Indiana
NBA Players with the Cancer sign.

The Lions, Migthy Leos

Main personality traits of being a Leo would include a lot of confidence, a love for drama, comfort with being in the spotlight, and loyalty. Apart from these, Leos are strict protectors of their loved ones. They are born between July 23rd and August 22nd and can definitely leave an impact at a social gathering. Which NBA player is such?

NBA PlayerBirthdayTeam
DeAndre JordanJuly 21, 1988Brooklyn
Omari SpellmanJuly 21, 1997Minnesota
Javonte GreenJuly 23, 1993Boston
Bryn ForbesJuly 23, 1993Spurs
Chris ClemonsJuly 23, 1997Houston
Deandre AytonJuly 23, 1998Phoenix
Kyle KuzmaJuly 24, 1995Los Angeles Lakers
Furkan KorkmazJuly 24, 1997Philadelphia
Brad WanamakerJuly 25, 1989Boston
Marial Shayok July 26, 1995Philadelphia
DeMarre CarrollJuly 27, 1986Houston
Frank NtilikinaJuly 28, 1998New York
Troy Brown Jr.July 28, 1999Washington
Rodney McGruderJuly 29, 1991Los Angeles Clippers
Thomas BryantJuly 31, 1997Washington
Hamidou DialloJuly 31, 1998Oklahoma Thunder
Austin RiversAugust 1, 1992Houston
Kristaps PorziņģisAugust 2, 1995Dallas
Naz Mitrou-Long August 3, 1993Indiana
Kendrick NunnAugust 3, 1995Miami
Kelan Martin August 3, 1995Minnesota
Matt ThomasAugust 4, 1994Toronto
Miye OniAugust 4, 1997Utah
DeMar DeRozanAugust 7, 1989Spurs
Danilo GallinariAugust 8, 1988Oklahoma Thunder
Andre DrummondAugust 10, 1993Cleveland
Ja MorantAugust 10, 1999Memphis
Patty MillsAugust 11, 1988Spurs
Kyle Guy August 11, 1997Sacramento
Kevin KnoxAugust 11, 1999New York
Dewayne DedmonAugust 12, 1989Atlanta
Khris MiddletonAugust 12, 1991Milwaukee
Mfiondu KabengeleAugust 14, 1997Los Angeles Clippers
Boban MarjanovićAugust 15, 1988Dallas
Bruce BrownAugust 15, 1996Detroit
Bruno FernandoAugust 15, 1998Atlanta
Rudy GayAugust 17, 1986Spurs
Bogdan BogdanovićAugust 18, 1992Sacramento
Willie Cauley-SteinAugust 18, 1993Dallas
Alen SmailagićAugust 18, 2000Golden State Warriors
Cory JosephAugust 20, 1991Sacramento
NBA Players with the Leo sign.

The Perfectionists At Hear, Virgos

Perhaps known best by their love for perfection, Virgos are hardworking and passionate creatures who are willing to work their butts off if it comes to perfecting something. Reliable, kind, and overthinkers at heart, Virgos can be really self-critical as well, again all courtesy to their love for perfection. They are born between the window of 23rd August and 22nd September. Which NBA players are Virgos (read:perfectionists of their game)?

NBA PlayerBirthdayTeam
Seth CurryAugust 23, 1990Dallas
Jusuf NurkićAugust 23, 1994Portland
P.J. WashingtonAugust 23, 1998Charlotte
Noah VonlehAugust 24, 1995Denver
Caris LeVertAugust 25, 1994Brooklyn
James HardenAugust 26, 1989Houston
Naz ReidAugust 26, 1999Minnesota
Kevin HuerterAugust 27, 1998Atlanta
Jeff GreenAugust 28, 1986Houston
Bismack BiyomboAugust 28, 1992Charlotte
Dwayne BaconAugust 30, 1995Charlotte
Melvin FrazierAugust 30, 1996Orlando
Mikal BridgesAugust 30, 1996Phoenix
DaQuan JeffriesAugust 30, 1997Sacramento
Jalen BrunsonAugust 31, 1996Dallas
Josh OkogieSeptember 1, 1998Minnesota
Cam ReddishSeptember 1, 1999Atlanta
Marcus MorrisSeptember 2, 1989Los Angeles Clippers
Markieff MorrisSeptember 2, 1989Los Angeles Lakers
Brandon IngramSeptember 2, 1997New Orleans
Nickeil Alexander-WalkerSeptember 2, 1998New Orleans
T.J. WarrenSeptember 5, 1993Indiana
John WallSeptember 6, 1990Washington
Joe HarrisSeptember 6, 1991Brooklyn
Kevin LoveSeptember 7, 1988Cleveland
Donovan MitchellSeptember 7, 1996Utah
Matthew DellavedovaSeptember 8, 1990Cleveland
Josh Gray September 9, 1993New Orleans
Quinndary Weatherspoon September 10, 199Spurs
Cheick DialloSeptember 13, 1996Phoenix
Jimmy ButlerSeptember 14, 1989Miami
Gary HarrisSeptember 14, 1994Denver
Jevon CarterSeptember 14, 1995Phoenix
Jared Harper September 14, 1997Phoenix
Dennis SchröderSeptember 15, 1993Oklahoma Thunder
Josh RichardsonSeptember 15, 1993Philadelphia
Jaren Jackson Jr.September 15, 1999Memphis
Nigel Williams-GossSeptember 16, 1994Utah
Aaron GordonSeptember 16, 1995Orlando
Alfonzo McKinnieSeptember 17, 1992Cleveland
Serge IbakaSeptember 18, 1989Toronto
CJ McCollumSeptember 19, 1991Portland
Brandon ClarkeSeptember 19, 1996Memphis
Chris SilvaSeptember 19, 1996Miami
Dejounte MurraySeptember 19, 1996Spurs
Trae YoungSeptember 19, 1998Atlanta
Kyle AndersonSeptember 20, 1993Memphis
Al-Farouq AminuSeptember 21, 1990Orlando
Bruno CabocloSeptember 21, 1995Houston
Dylan WindlerSeptember 22, 1996Cleveland
NBA Players with the Virgo sign.

Natural Peacemakers, Libras

Libras are quite well known for their strategic minds when it comes to problem solving and have a strong sense of justice within them. They are social, smart, indecisive, and at times self pitying as well. They are born between 23rd September and 22nd October. So which ones of your star NBA players share this remarkable star sign?

NBA PlayerBirthdayTeam
John CollinsSeptember 23, 1997Atlanta
Rayjon TuckerSeptember 24, 1997Utah
Abdel NaderSeptember 25, 1993Oklahoma Thunder
Michael Kidd-GilchristSeptember 26, 1993Dallas
Shake MiltonSeptember 26, 1996Philadelphia
Christian WoodSeptember 26, 1996Detroit
Khem BirchSeptember 27, 1995Orlando
Cody MartinSeptember 28, 1995Charlotte
Caleb MartinSeptember 28, 1995Charlotte
Juan HernangómezSeptember 28, 1995Minnesota
Kevin DurantSeptember 29, 1988Brooklyn
Aaron HolidaySeptember 30, 1996Indiana
Daniel GaffordOctober 1, 1998Chicago
Tyson ChandlerOctober 2, 1982Houston
Joe InglesOctober 2, 1987Utah
Brandon GoodwinOctober 2, 1995Atlanta
Brian Bowen October 2, 1998Indiana
Michael Carter-WilliamsOctober 10, 1991Orlando
Mike ConleyOctober 11, 1987Utah
Keldon JohnsonOctober 11, 1999Spurs
Yuta Watanabe October 13, 1994Memphis
Moses BrownOctober 13, 1999Portland
Wesley MatthewsOctober 14, 1986Milwaukee
Richaun HolmesOctober 15, 1993Sacramento
Jakob PöltlOctober 15, 1995Spurs
Vincent PoirierOctober 17, 1993Boston
Robert WilliamsOctober 17, 1997Boston
Terance MannOctober 18, 1996Los Angeles Clippers
Rodney HoodOctober 20, 1992Portland
Ricky RubioOctober 21, 1990Phoenix
Damion LeeOctober 21, 1992Golden State Warriors
Kyle Alexander October 21, 1996Miami
NBA Players with Libra Sign.

The Fierce and Dauntless, Scorprios

Tough minded, fierce, brave, and sometimes aggressive, Scorpios are people that leave an unforgettable impact on a social gathering. Born between 23rd October and 21st November, Scorpios have a number of bad qualities as well which oftentimes push them under a negative light. But everything aside, which NBA players are Scorpios?

NBA PlayerBirthdayTeam
Elie OkoboOctober 23, 1997Phoenix
Nikola VučevićOctober 24, 1990Orlando
Jaylen BrownOctober 24, 1996Boston
Garrison Mathews October 24, 1996Washington
William Howard October 25, 1993Houston
Patrick McCawOctober 25, 1995Toronto
PJ Dozier October 25, 1996Denver
Romeo LangfordOctober 25, 1999Boston
Lou WilliamsOctober 27, 1986Los Angeles Clippers
Evan TurnerOctober 27, 1988Minnesota
Lonzo BallOctober 27, 1997New Orleans
Justin Wright-ForemanOctober 27, 1997Utah
Treveon GrahamOctober 28, 1993Atlanta
Evan FournierOctober 29, 1992Orlando
Courtney LeeOctober 3, 1985Dallas
Jonathan IsaacOctober 3, 1997Orlando
Tomáš SatoranskýOctober 30, 1991Chicago
Devin BookerOctober 30, 1996Phoenix
Derrick RoseOctober 4, 1988Detroit
Cody ZellerOctober 5, 1992Charlotte
Shaquille HarrisonOctober 6, 1993Chicago
Grayson AllenOctober 8, 1995Memphis
Devontae Cacok October 8, 1996Los Angeles Lakers
Joe ChealeyNovember 1, 1995Charlotte
Eric PaschallNovember 4, 1996Golden State Warriors
Ian MahinmiNovember 5, 1986Washington
Theo PinsonNovember 5, 1995Brooklyn
Trey LylesNovember 5, 1995Spurs
Jordan Bone November 5, 1997Detroit
Isaac BongaNovember 8, 1999Washington
D.J. AugustinNovember 10, 1987Orlando
Tony SnellNovember 10, 1991Detroit
Russell WestbrookNovember 12, 1988Houston
Dāvis BertānsNovember 12, 1992Washington
Karl-Anthony TownsNovember 15, 1995Minnesota
Denzel ValentineNovember 16, 1993Chicago
Gary ClarkFebruary 15, 1984Orlando
Bol Bol November 16, 1999Denver
Zylan CheathamNovember 17, 1995New Orleans
Dragan BenderNovember 17, 1997Golden State Warriors
Zach CollinsNovember 19, 1997Portland
Dean Wade November 20, 1996Cleveland
Kostas Antetokounmpo November 20, 1997Los Angeles Lakers
Chris Chiozza November 21, 1995Brooklyn
NBA Players with Scorpio Sign.

Freedom Lovers, Sagittarius

Born between November 22nd and December 21st, Sagittarius people are quite the fun lot. They are optimistic, honest, and fair-minded. But what makes them is their incomparable humor and their love for friends. That is exactly why Sagittarius people perhaps have the biggest number of friends and they are stars when it comes to making conversation. But which NBA players are hearty, fun Sagittarius as well?

NBA PlayerBirthdayTeam
Dennis Smith Jr.November 25, 1997New York
Talen Horton-TuckerNovember 25, 2000Los Angeles Lakers
Avery BradleyNovember 26, 1990Los Angeles Lakers
Malik BeasleyNovember 26, 199Minnesota
Wayne EllingtonNovember 29, 1987New York
Julius RandleNovember 29, 1994New York
Grant WilliamsNovember 30, 1998Boston
Gary Payton IIDecember 1, 1992Washington
Brandon KnightDecember 2, 1991Detroit
Kenrich WilliamsDecember 2, 1994New Orleans
De’Andre HunterDecember 2, 1997Atlanta
Andre RobersonDecember 4, 1991Oklahoma Thunder
Semi OjeleyeDecember 5, 1994Boston
Giannis AntetokounmpoDecember 6, 1994Milwaukee
Dwight HowardDecember 8, 1985Los Angeles Lakers
Aron BaynesDecember 9, 1986Phoenix
Eric BledsoeDecember 9, 1989Milwaukee
Langston GallowayDecember 9, 1991Detroit
Kelly Oubre Jr.December 9, 1995Phoenix
Dewan HernandezDecember 9, 1996Toronto
Dion WaitersDecember 10, 1991Los Angeles Lakers
Tacko Fall December 10, 1995Boston
Malcolm BrogdonDecember 11, 1992Indiana
Nicolas BatumDecember 14, 1988Charlotte
Robert CovingtonDecember 14, 1990Houston
Lonnie WalkerDecember 14, 1998Spurs
Jahlil OkaforDecember 15, 1995New Orleans
Buddy HieldDecember 17, 1992Sacramento
Torrey CraigDecember 19, 1990Denver
Vic Law December 19, 1995Orlando
Wesley IwunduDecember 20, 1994Orlando
Anžejs PasečņiksDecember 20, 1995Washington
De’Aaron FoxDecember 20, 1997Sacramento
B.J. Johnson December 21, 1995Orlando
Sekou DoumbouyaDecember 23, 2000Detroit
NBA Players with Sagittarius Sign.

The Ambitious Workaholics, Capricons

Born anywhere between 21st December and 21st January.

Known for their undying ambition, Capricorns will push themselves to their best if it means winning. They come off as quite pessimistic and extremely practical as well, but have you ever wondered which ones of your favourite NBA players are Capricorns?

NBA PlayerBirthdayTeam
Eric GordonDecember 25, 1988Houston
John HensonDecember 28, 1990Detroit
LeBron JamesDecember 30, 1984Los Angeles Lakers
Paul Watson December 2, 1950Toronto
Edmond SumnerDecember 31, 1995Indiana
Larry Nance Jr.January 1, 1993Cleveland
Doug McDermottJanuary 3, 1992Indiana
Rondae Hollis-JeffersonJanuary 3, 1995Toronto
Ante ŽižićJanuary 4, 1997Cleveland
Collin SextonJanuary 4, 1999Cleveland
Will BartonJanuary 6, 1991Denver
Pat ConnaughtonJanuary 6, 1993Milwaukee
Glenn Robinson IIIJanuary 8, 1994Philadelphia
Tony BradleyJanuary 8, 1998Utah
Ignas BrazdeikisJanuary 8, 1999New York
Luka ŠamanićJanuary 9, 2000Spurs
Tremont WatersJanuary 10, 1998Boston
Chris BoucherJanuary 11, 1993Toronto
Kadeem AllenJanuary 15, 1993New York
Allonzo TrierJanuary 17, 1996New York
Gorgui DiengJanuary 18, 1990Memphis
Gary Trent Jr.January 18, 1999Portland
JaVale McGeeJanuary 19, 1988Los Angeles Lakers
NBA Players with Capricorn Sign.

The Defiers of Categorization, Aquarius

These people are born between January 20th and February 18th (the range varies every year). If you have an Aquarius in your life, you must be well aware of the creative outlook on life that they possess. Megaminds, unique, and independent creatures, Aquarius people are one of their kind. Which NBA players fall in this category?

NBA PlayerBirthdayTeam
Tyler HerroJanuary 20, 2000Miami
Dillon BrooksJanuary 22, 1996Memphis
Keita Bates-DiopJanuary 23, 1996Denver
Justin JamesJanuary 24, 1997Sacramento
Vince CarterJanuary 26, 1977Atlanta
Nicolò MelliJanuary 26, 1991New Orleans
Montrezl HarrellJanuary 26, 1994Los Angeles Clippers
Darius GarlandJanuary 26, 2000Cleveland
Andre IguodalaJanuary 28, 1984Miami
Marc GasolJanuary 29, 1985Toronto
Maxi KleberJanuary 29, 1992Dallas
Deonte BurtonJanuary 31, 1994Oklahoma Thunder
Donte DiVincenzoJanuary 31, 1997Milwaukee
Jalen McDanielsJanuary 31, 1998Charlotte
Drew Eubanks February 1, 1997Spurs
Antonius ClevelandFebruary 2, 1994Dallas
Charlie BrownFebruary 2, 1997Atlanta
Paul MillsapFebruary 10, 1985Denver
Sterling BrownFebruary 10, 1995Milwaukee
Bobby PortisFebruary 10, 1995New York
Josh JacksonFebruary 10, 1997Memphis
Ben McLemoreFebruary 11, 1993Houston
Nassir LittleFebruary 11, 2000Portland
Derrick Jones Jr.February 15, 1997Miami
Coby WhiteFebruary 16, 2000Chicago
Kentavious Caldwell-PopeFebruary 18, 1993Los Angeles Lakers
NBA Players with Aquarius Sign.

A Sensitive Water Sign, Picses

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are both between February 19th and March 20th. Pisces people are considered to be the most creative sign out of them all, and come off as extremely empathetic. They are givers and tend to be a little too emotional. Which NBA players are Pisces babies?

NBA PlayerBirthdayTeam
Nikola JokićFebruary 19, 1995Denver
D.J. WilsonFebruary 19, 1996Milwaukee
James JohnsonFebruary 20, 1987Minnesota
Jarrett CulverFebruary 20, 1999Minnesota
Rajon RondoFebruary 22, 1986Los Angeles Lakers
Elfrid PaytonFebruary 22, 1994New York
Devonte’ GrahamFebruary 22, 1995Charlotte
Jerome RobinsonFebruary 22, 1997Washington
Andrew WigginsFebruary 23, 1995Golden State Warriors
D’Angelo RussellFebruary 23, 1996Minnesota
Jamal MurrayFebruary 23, 1997Denver
E’Twaun MooreFebruary 25, 1989New Orleans
Fred VanVleetFebruary 25, 1994Toronto
Mario HezonjaFebruary 25, 1995Portland
Thon MakerFebruary 25, 1997Detroit
Meyers LeonardFebruary 27, 1992Miami
Alex CarusoFebruary 28, 1994Los Angeles Lakers
Luka DončićFebruary 28, 1999Dallas
Cameron JohnsonMarch 3, 1996Phoenix
Jayson TatumMarch 3, 1998Boston
Draymond GreenMarch 4, 1990Golden State Warriors
Matisse ThybulleMarch 4, 1997Philadelphia
Mason PlumleeMarch 5, 1990Denver
Emmanuel MudiayMarch 5, 1996Utah
Malcolm MillerMarch 6, 1993Toronto
Marcus SmartMarch 6, 1994Boston
Josh HartMarch 6, 1995New Orleans
Jake LaymanMarch 7, 1994Minnesota
Michael Frazier March 8, 1994Houston
Marko GuduricMarch 8, 1995Memphis
Zach LaVineMarch 10, 1995Chicago
Anthony DavisMarch 11, 1993Los Angeles Lakers
Ray Spalding March 11, 1997Charlotte
Jerami GrantMarch 12, 1994Denver
Carsen EdwardsMarch 12, 1998Boston
Tristan ThompsonMarch 13, 1991Cleveland
Landry ShametMarch 13, 1997Los Angeles Clippers
Stephen CurryMarch 14, 1988Golden State Warriors
Patrick PattersonMarch 14, 1989Los Angeles Clippers
Marvin Bagley IIIMarch 14, 1999Sacramento
Jabari ParkerMarch 15, 1995Sacramento
Blake GriffinMarch 16, 1989Detroit
Reggie BullockMarch 16, 1991New York
Tim Hardaway Jr.March 16, 1992 (Dallas
Joel EmbiidMarch 16, 1994Philadelphia
Kyle KorverMarch 17, 1981Milwaukee
Terry RozierMarch 17, 1994Charlotte
Solomon HillMarch 18, 1991Miami
Kris DunnMarch 18, 1994Chicago
Skal LabissièreMarch 18, 1996Atlanta
Ivica ZubacMarch 18, 1997Los Angeles Clippers
JaKarr SampsonMarch 20, 1993Indiana
NBA Players with Picses Sign.

Let’s Hear It For The Birthday Boys!

Before you come at us with the “This is not the whole of the NBA players!” line, we should make it clear that we have tried to include as many players as we could, of course, it would have been difficult as hell, or actually even impossible to include all of the players in our charts.

So if your favourite player has somehow not managed to make it, don’t be sad.

Nevertheless, most of the prominent NBA players have been covered and we hope to see yalls obsessions with the NBA get even more serious now.