What is a typical day like for an NBA player during the season?

The NBA gets a lot of eyeballs from all over the world because of its international reach and popularity. Everyone enjoys watching players like LeBron James and Steph Curry in action on the court but most people are unaware of what it actually takes to keep playing night after night.

Taking a closer look at the daily life of an NBA player can help us understand how players cope with the hectic schedules and constant strain on their bodies during the season.

A Typical Day in the live of a NBA Player During Season

A Typical Day in the live of a NBA Player During Season


A typical day in the life of an NBA player during the season starts with breakfast.

The home team has their breakfast from 8:30 am to 9:30 am whereas the away team has their breakfast from 8:30 to 10:00 pm. 


Once the teams are done with their breakfasts they head out for shootarounds. The home team has their shootaround for an hour from 10:00 am to 11:00 am whereas the away team has their shootaround from 11:00 am to 12:00 am.

Nowadays because of Covid protocols, there is no pregame locker room media activity instead 2 to 3 players are available for a virtual media activity during the Shootaround.


After the shootaround players have a team lunch back at the hotel. The home team has their lunch from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm while the away side has their lunch from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

The players are given 2-3 hours of downtime after lunch. Some players just relax and chill during the downtime while others play video games, ping pong, other lawn games, or go to the pool.


Players leave their hotels for pre-activities at 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Both teams have a pre-game warm-up session that lasts for around an hour and fifteen minutes. Teams do their warm-ups on separate courts that aren’t being used for that game.

After warm-ups teams head to their locker rooms where there is no pre-game media availability because of the new covid protocols.

Teams get another 20-minute warm session just before the game starts. The game starts at 7:10 once all the player introductions are done. These introductions are pre-recorded for the TV audience.


Once the game is done the players and the coaches head to the locker rooms where they have a team meeting that lasts for around 10 minutes.

The teams then have a virtual press conference where the head coach and two players from each team have to answer questions. These sessions don’t last any longer than 30 minutes.

Once the teams are done with their press conferences, the players head back to their hotels and have post-game showers and meals.

Apart from following a particular routine, every player also has a routine of their own.

You can’t expect every player to adhere to the exact same routine now, can you?

So, aside from game days, their routines aren’t as strict, each player has specific things they make a part of their everyday plans.

So, if you want to know about a typical day in the life of some of the most famous NBA players, keep reading ahead to find out more about your favorite stars.

What is a typical day like for LeBron James?

Lebron James

Known as one of the most amazing players in the NBA, LeBron James restricts himself to a strict regimen of working out, eating healthy, sound sleep, meditating, and training.

Despite crossing the peak age of a player LeBron still puts everything he has on the field and is one of the best players.

This is due to his adherence to such standards.

While some players try to eat clean only during game season. LeBron tries to avoid unhealthy food throughout the year.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never catch him eating a cookie or a slice of pizza, but the chances of it are pretty rare.

Many people think he spends most of his day on the field, but that isn’t true. While he does practice and train every day, he makes sure that his career doesn’t come in the way of his family life. While there have been rumors circulating in the industry, that is all that they are.

What is a typical day like for Seth curry?

Many fans have repeatedly asked the question “what goes on in an average day for Seth curry?” well; worry no more your beloved player sticks to the normal everyday tasks and just a little bit more.

After a healthy breakfast, Seth normally goes to get some training. He goes to the gym to do some cardio, lift weights and do some strength training.

Once that’s done he then goes to the field to practice a few plays.

Recently married, Seth tries to get done with his training and then return home to his beautiful wife.

What is a typical day like for Roy Hibbert?

Like other major players in the industry, Roy starts his day off with a healthy breakfast that is prepared by his nutritionist and his chef.

He sticks to a strict plan charted out by his nutritionist.

After indulging in a meal prepared specially for him he goes to the gym for some training, which consists of lots of strength-building exercises.

He gives his training a great deal of time, he takes his time to gather his strength and takes time off in between exercises.

Once he is done with the gym he goes to the field to train. Training in the field often goes on for a few hours and then he goes to do MMA.

While MMA might seem like an unconventional choice of sport for an NBA player it helps a lot with agility and strength building.

After such a busy day he tends to spend time at home with his family and friends.

What is a typical day like for players when they are on the road?

Life on the road is difficult regardless of which profession you belong to, however, being on the road and giving your best in each game can be twice as hard.

Not only are the players away from their families and their home, but they also have to live in different hotels each night and wake up well-rested for practice.

Apart from that playing in different places means that they don’t have the hometown crowd, which means hundreds of people are there rooting for them to make the wrong move.

So with the physical discomfort, there is a lot of mental stress that goes along with it.

What is the off-season routine like for NBA players?

Once the season comes to an end the players need some time to get back into shape.

The game and the practice that goes with it often end up in a lot of worn-down athletes. While it might be hard for some of us to accept that, even the best athletes need some time to recuperate.

While some recover from surgeries others take time to relax and give themselves and their families more time. While the professional players have this luxury other players that are still trying to make it in the field take the time to take part in developmental leagues.

Despite there being many teams out there only a certain percentage get to make it big, so whether it’s professional players trying to stay in the game, or rookies trying to make it big, everyone takes the time on their hands to give the game all that they have.

While the camp does start in October, players use the time to make sure that they’re in shape in order to be the best versions of themselves on the field.

How do players prepare for their games?

Many people just think that players spend their time on the field slam-dunking one basket after another, however, that isn’t the only thing that goes into the game.

Players sit with their coaches after every game and analyze every single move on the court to understand where they are lacking and what they can do to overcome their shortcomings.

They need to analyze and strategize both on and off the field in order to prepare for their games.

Final thoughts

If you’re an NBA fan or just starting to fall in love with it, I hope this was helpful.

Now that you know more about how much effort your teams put into each game, you should know to show them more support. Know that their lives aren’t as easy as they might seem on the screen.

While you only take out 2 and a half hours to watch a game, they put in hundreds of hours into practice to make sure that they perform well and don’t let their fans down.

They go through struggles of their own and try their best that they don’t affect their game. While they do have their economic situations in order, they have problems just like normal people. We often talk about the perks of playing for a league as big as the NBA but dont realize the amount of scrutiny and pressure that the players have to face with that.

They have to deal with way more stress than average people they are constantly under the microscope. So, if once in a while they don’t reach your standards, try to cut them some slack and don’t go that hard on them.