Why Are NBA Players Paid So Much?

There’s no doubt that NBA players are paid mountains of money.

But why is it so?

The perks of being in the NBA

Playing in the world’s biggest basketball league comes with a wide range of benefits obviously. And getting a paycheck that with a lot of zeros on it is one of these perks. If you did not know, NBA players get paid in millions and billions of dollars.

As eye-catching as it may look, it is something to really ponder upon here.

Yes, they have an excellent set of skills, incredible agility, and the perfect attitude for this particular sport. But is that why they are paid so much? I think not, so let’s dive deep into this world of balls(literally).

Is it the fans or just company luck?

Well, there is no hiding when it comes to the fanbase of NBA players and we surely approve of such high spirits.

The NBA system works in such a way that even being second to the NFL it has a fanbase that reaches outside the US and people from every ethnicity, gender and age enjoy the game too greatly.

Having loyal fans does make you a big deal out there but it takes a lot to please everyone too. NBA players work day and night and their company takes special care for them since they are aware of such a large population waiting patiently for the games to start.

The more seats that are filled, the more profit the company makes. Fans have always been the backbone to any celebrity or renowned sport and the feeling is totally different when you have someone cheering your name from the stands and shouting “Dunk! Dunk! Dunk!”. So it is safe to say that NBA players do make a lot of profit from their dedicated fanbase! (and of course respect at the most)

Could it be the magnetic sport or just the charm at hand?

Over the years we have come to notice the increasing popularity of basketball and how slowly and sneakily it has started to take over football too!

Many people might disagree with this notion *ehem* football fans *ehem*. Yet, there is no doubt about the thrill the game brings to the spectators and how it makes their blood rush, making the hair rise in table-turning moments.

Imagine standing in the middle of the court while looking at the chairs being filled up slowly and slowly as spectators get in with whispers of excitement and hope to see their dream NBA star play.

When others start getting wind of the popularity it is sure to bring in sponsors.

Where there is profit there are sponsors and the field needs consistent support from any source to keep moving forward and bring remarkable seasons for the NBA fans.

The sport in itself is a pulling factor for all the spectators out there. Don’t you feel the need to jump out of your chair when LeBron James gets ready to take his shot and you simultaneously start chanting ” LeBrons gonna trade you”( ya that still burns) or the time you are at the edge of your seat hitting your nails due to the severe suspense that hangs in the air(more like flies into the air with the ball)?

This is one of the many reasons the companies need to look after their star players and pay them in huge sums so they take absolute care of themselves otherwise who’s gonna ‘airball’ in their games.

Seasons seasons seasons or are the tickets good enough?

Might sound weird at first and of course, it should but it is what it is. NBA is one of the games with the most seasons at hand and they happen to have 82 games each year! (damn that’s a lot of jumping around)

With the whole structure consisting of thirty teams, it does sound ridiculous why would anyone pay so much “cough” millions “cough” but on the other hand not everything is as fishy as it seems or smells.

Where paying such a huge sum sounds absurd and shocking, I for once can understand the whole game behind the real actual game. Do you get my point? No? Let me clarify it for you.

Having thirty seasons can bring up about 21 million people across the UK and even outside then ladies and gentlemen there shall be no doubt on the money they receive.

You can’t possibly watch a game without paying for it, I mean it would be great if you could but alas! Not everything can be granted. I feel like half of the world just wakes up in the morning, pack their bags and just rush to the arenas without thinking about the super expensive tickets! Like how? I think twice before buying a ten cent chocolate( don’t know if those still exist).

Anyways, the tickets are dripping with money, its value is as high as an antique painting so it is truly very clever to host 82 games per season!! Now I suddenly wish I was an NBA player.

Lavish lifestyle is a must or heath matters more?

Where there is money, there ought to be a lavish lifestyle but it is not necessary for everyone.

Players like Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry need to keep up with their image as they are a few of the top players of the NBA league.

If a player is outstanding then their worth should also reflect their lifestyle.

Maybe it’s a scheme to keep the fans content that their favorite players are being treated with the utmost respect and have all the things they deserve.

But nonetheless, it is true that the league takes absolute care of their players and this is why they pay them excessively so that they have access to the best of things be it fitness related like a gym with all the latest equipment or provide them with the adequate sneakers so they always stand tall on their feet ready to make a basket and woo the whole crowd!

Then it all comes down to this…

After all that I have said and ranted out to you all out there, I must say once again that if a genie pops out of nowhere here, my first wish would be, “please turn me into James Harden”.

Who wouldn’t want to be paid so much but after all, they earned this from working hard and kept striving for the best!

NBA players are paid so much because the league needs them to be the best of the best and maybe this is a way in which they pay their thanks to the dutiful players.

It’s never easy to become a person who holds such importance and respect in about half the population on earth. We could all go and say oh they are being paid more than they should and maybe you are right but what matters is that they give their best performance for the promising people out there!

Being on top of the world should feel great but with great power comes great responsibilities so no matter how much a game ticket costs we should all know that a whole team is working behind these outstanding players and managing such tremendous pressure to portray the fairest game ever!!

Moreover, if a team is representing your station then they ought to be paid fairly cause then maybe the matter of pride comes in the way. (only an assumption but everything must be laid out)

The next time you attend a Lakers or a Warriors game, remember to scream at the top of your lungs for your favorite star so he gives his best on that court!