Why Do NBA Players Lie About Their Height?

Not something that you come across every day, yet true. So why do NBA players lie about their heights?

Oh well now this is something really to ponder on. Why do they lie? Is it something to hide? Or just fun ways for them? Lying about height is not really such a big crime but being a basketball player you must have valid reasons to fabricate such a thing because such a profession does require you to be tall, doesn’t it?

As much of a mystery as it is you it is to us too. But we shall unravel this truth together so grab your hoops and balls and get ready to shoot!

Lying About Height – The answers

Lying about height is not such a heinous crime and if it makes you look better then I guess you go for it.

I can feel the unhappiness of people who are short and are always being called out for their height(me being one of them sadly) but what’s more suspicious here is that considering that these people are NBA players shouldn’t they already be tall to get selected? Why lie? Hmmm.

Do they magically shrink or grow tall? Or is it just an illusion?

One thing that we should all know before directing this mystery is that every participant who applies for the position in the NBA goes there with high hopes of being selected as they surely have put their blood, sweat and tears into their training.

So let’s all be less judgy and look at this with a fresh mind and be sincere and understanding. So magically shrinking and growing? Hmmm.

Certainly a thing to ponder upon here.

While I browsed and browsed my days away trying to crack this code, clearly some interesting facts did make an appearance like a wild card entry.

It is not a secret anymore how footballers have been lying for years about their height but only recently everything has come into the spotlight.

Many famous players have been ‘exposed’ or so some of those juicy hearings say, about their hidden and true height but deeper I knew that there is much more to the picture then it meets the eye.

Now since no fairies and witches exist unless we are in a parallel universe and you may never know I might be the one who should not be named, let’s eradicate that point and throw it in the dustbin.

Coming across many payers who have told their height to be specifically one inch taller than their original one and even those who went as far as naming their height 2-3 inches taller.

Players like Kemba Walker(is 6 but is listed at 6’1) Kyrie Irving(is 6’2 but listed as 6’3), Buddy Hield( is 6’3 but listed as 6’4), and PJ Tucker(is 6’5 but listed as 6’6) have a difference of one inch between their real and listed height. One might argue as to why only such a difference was listed whereas they could have gone with their original heights and still get selected.

Some players have gone as far as listing their height to 6’11 when they are originally 6’9 and also 6’7 when in reality they are 6’5( Draymond Green).

Although there shouldn’t be any objections as such but there are needs and certain catastrophes that spectators might not understand. Everything is done to accomplish something greater. So our players aimed for the desired positions since height plays a very important role in the positioning of the players on the court. Every position is allotted to them after assessing their heights, weight, and other specifications.

Small Forward or Power Forward? Does it all depend on the positions or is there something else in the hoop?

If you are a true basketball fan then you must be aware of all the positioning done on the court.

There is the point guard, Power forward, shooting guard, small forward, center, forward-center and point forward.

These might sound like gibberish to all the non-basketball fans but just like every other game, each individual has to look after their ground.

In the case of NBA players, height very much decides which position they will be in the league.

To get the desired position it can be said that players lie about their height for a specific position on the court such as a small forward.

A small forward requires a person with a short height but not too short obviously, just enough to fill the criteria.

Maybe players don’t desire to have that position so they lie about their height and get allotted to other positions. It does sound quite cunning but everything has its disadvantage.

Even after being allotted to a favorable position things won’t be easy, they might just become tougher.

Composition increases as criteria increases.

So we can never be so sure that everyone who lies about their height gets their desired openings on the court.

Even though everyone is equally important as one another but sometimes players have practiced for a certain position in mind and years of practice might go down the drain if not selected otherwise.

The Centre is the position which looks for the tallest person in the team and one of the regular positions in all games. It is a very vital position so many must be after it. It could also be justified that players run after the very important opening on the court but this is not the case for everyone.

It could also be a fun pass time or maybe it’s about the image?

Ah! The fun old games, the news, the flashing lights, and paparazzi as usual.

We might never really know the real reason NBA players lie about their height but sometimes a near to close truth doesn’t hurt anyone.

Everyone has got to have a sense of humor or wanting a glam and bam life. If everyone wants to have that then why not our beloved NBA players?

Maybe they want to attract the people and make them notice that they got a position that is out of their height criteria but still manage to outshine the best of the best.

It’s a talent to work as a point forward with a height of 6’7 but the world wouldn’t know that since listed height would be shown as 6’8 or 6’11.

It is only the player that truly knows the struggle and hard work that they put behind to not slow down the whole team.

Lying about height does sound crazy and outrageous but it won’t harm anyone on the basketball court (hopefully). So, we should applaud all those working tirelessly to ensure their efforts don’t go down the drain.

Every player has to keep up with their image and what goal they have set not for others but for themselves, they have to carry on for their devoted fans and of course the envious ones as well (the biggest supporters).

What should be focused upon is the fact that height for NBA players is a big pact and considering the competition and thrill if I might add, that comes from it is alone a factor to push them and take these means.

Closing thoughts

Conclusively, it shouldn’t be a big deal to lie about height but because they are world known players and have a reputation to uphold, and such a thing coming into the light might rupture a few strings here and there.

But let’s just take this a white lie.

A lie that is for the benefit and not for malice.

Basketball players might have uncounted reasons for lying about height but the most evident ones have been highlighted here and since I have discovered these interesting facts and theories, it seems impossible to keep me away from surfing the internet.

I think once in a while all of us should look into these topics which hardly ever no one talks about. All the renowned players see still going on with their lives even after their real heights have been revealed, why? That’s because they know and the people know too how hard they have worked for it and no matter their height, they have always given their best!