Why NBA Players Wear Tights During a Game?

You must have seen basketball players wearing short or full length tights during a game. If you have been curious about it, here is your long due answer.

Consistent NBA game watcher or not, if you have seen any basketball game ever, you must have come across a player or two wearing some kind of tights under their shorts. Have you ever wondered if it is a fashion statement or does it have deeper use and meaning? If yes, read on to find out.

6 Reasons why you see NBA players scurry across your screen in tights

6 Reasons why you see NBA players scurry across your screen in tights

We understand that it may have crossed your mind that these tights are nothing but a piece of apparel to look cool or something. Let us break it to you that there are various, technical, and a lot more valid reasons due to which players have to opt for wearing these ‘tights.’

We say ‘tights’ because they honestly are not just simple tights that one may find in their closet on a usual basis. Actually, they are known as something called ‘compression tights’ and they have much more use to them than you could have ever imagined. They regulate, maximize and improve blood flow and prevent muscle strain, all while absorbing all the sweat that obviously is a big hindrance when it comes to proper, good playing. And that’s not it! We have more!

  1. Compression tights/shorts can help to prevent injuries

Even if it may seem like an outstretched statement to say so, yet it is entirely true that compression tights (or shorts) can help to keep the player safe from certain injuries that they can easily get subjected to during a basketball game.

These tights are perfect for when it comes to contact sport and since basketball is one good example of a contact sport, wearing them can aid the player in preventing any skin rash or burns that can happen if their skin comes in contact with the harsh harwood floor of the court if they are knocked out with great impact or when they bend a little too low to fetch the ball and their knees get painfully scratched due to the friction between the skin and the court.

These tights can help the player ease the pain resulting from these bruises and rashes to ensure smooth, uninterrupted play. And if you pick the padded counterpart of these compression tights, then the advantages just boost up through various levels.

Cushions, but for your knees. We would love some!

It is easy and extremely common to sprain a leg muscle or twist an ankle during a physically tolling game like basketball, and playing for the NBA or not, players tend to use these tights to avoid such kind of mishaps. They keep everything in place so things end on the winner board, not the emergency room at the hospital.

  1. They can be great in helping to improve blood flow

Another factor that makes compression tights a hit amongst basketball players is that they help to keep the body’s blood flow in check during a game.

This is a huge benefit because increased blood flow means that more oxygen is transported to the muscles of the body which in turn means that they do not get tired very easily while playing. You have started to join the dots, right?

Less tiring of the muscles means better play which obviously the players would chase after, hence they prefer to make use of these compression tights for their play. Basically a sports holy grail if we must say.

Since players may have to spend a lot of time around the benches, which in simpler words means that they may have to spend a lot of time resting, then the muscles are at a risk of getting ‘cold’ even if they have spent some time warming up before the game. However, tights on, and players do not have to break a sweat about this problem as the tights keep the leg muscles engaged constantly so that they can jump right back into action whenever needed by the player and not lead to any muscular injuries.

In addition to this, (like there is not enough to be impressed with already) increased blood flow can make the body cells get healthier and aid in boosting and fine-tuning the functions of bodily organs. Long term usage of these tights can even help the body in fighting off certain infections.

Tights or medicine? We cannot seriously tell a difference! These are crazy good!

  1. They take part in sweat control, which helps to keep the body warm

You must be wondering, keeping warm during a game that makes you sweat the absolute sh*t out of you? Are you in your senses?

Sheesh, chill, hear us out!

When you engage in any sport, whether basketball, football, anything, you sweat. Okay maybe you did not need this useless information, we just mean that sweating is your body’s natural response to vigorous exercise which is in this case, basketball.

If you know anything about sweat, you must be aware that sweating is basically followed by evaporation. Your body releases sweat, and that sweat dries up from your skin. That is known as evaporation. Another thing you should know is that evaporation is a cooling process, which means that whenever it takes place, it tends to cool the body from which it takes place. Since sweating is followed by evaporation, your body will cool down as the sweat pooling on your skin dries into the air.

This results in a temperature decrease in the body which means that there is a great risk that the players’ muscles may end up tightening. When the muscles of the body tighten, it becomes very difficult for the player to play properly.

Tightened muscles will require more force by the player in order to maintain the game, and doing this, the player may end up injuring themselves. Which we obviously do not want.

However, compression tights help to keep the body warm by maintaining the temperature and not letting any muscles unnecessarily tighten up.

To add a cherry on top, compression gear is often made from material that helps in wicking away moisture from the body and keep it dry (without making you feel cold of course). So, along with keeping the body warm by fighting sweat, they also help the wearer in staying comfortable because let’s face it, sweat during a game can be really annoying and discomforting.

  1. They can assist in averting Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Also going by the simpler name “muscle fever,” Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS is characterized as the muscle pain and weakness that ensues a day or two following exercise that the body is not previously used to; and it may last up to a few days. This is because during vigorous play or exercise, bodily muscles can undergo micro-tears which even though they are not life-threatening, still cause this damned soreness we are all familiar with.

Of course, with any game, such a condition can be extremely common as players have to undergo intense training before the game and also test their muscles equally during the final game. And of course, like the bad boys that they are, compression tights aid in downscaling this muscle fever.

Wearing compression tights during practicing or playing the actual game can help to keep the player away and safeguarded from this soreness by reducing muscle oscillation. Muscle oscillation, for those of you who do not know, is the muscle movement that takes place when your foot comes into contact with the ground as vibrations gush through your body.

These compression tights seem too good to be true at this point, to be very honest.

  1. Prevention against Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Just when you thought compression tights could not give more, we are here to tell you that they can help to protect the player against deep vein thrombosis too.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a medical condition whereby a hardened blood lump also known as a blood clot; forms in the veins. It blocks the vein for blood supply and even has the capability to travel, and if it travels to the lungs, then it can eventually lead to death as well.

Most generally, however, deep vein thrombosis occurs in the lower thigh and the legs and it can occur at any age due to any reason, so indeed, basketball players are not safe too. When deep vein thrombosis occurs in a part of the body, then extreme swelling arises at that place which is extremely painful. And in addition to the swelling, the temperature of that area increases as well which of course, is very discomforting and annoying for the patient.

Due to the risk of deep vein thrombosis, it is suggested that players wear compression tights as they keep the body’s flow of blood in check and also decrease swelling.

We are not even close to the ending, but these tights have outdone themselves already!

  1. Added benefit of fashion and modesty

Like we just described in much detail, there are loads and loads of benefits that compression tights proudly boost. Even though these reasons are the primary factor why players in the National Association of Basketball wear these tights, however there may be a lot of players who would just prefer it even more just because of the style.

A lot of them will choose to wear compress just because they may look like a cool fashion statement.

We mean, who does not like to look cool, right?

While compression tights may be the extra oomph players need to spike up their basic uniforms, they serve another useful purpose too.

Compression tights are a great way to maintain the modesty of the basketball players on the basketball court. Basketball is quite a hands on game and requires a lot of jumping around naturally. Just because of this, there is a great risk of ending up demonstrating immodesty.

A basketball player’s knight in shining armour, compression tights can help to keep the body intact and safeguard the players from any wardrobe malfunction type situation on the court. So not only are they cool and stylish to wear, compression tights brag a lot of functionality as well. Which we are all totally in for!

Wrapping up

Whether NBA players choose the compression tights route for style purposes or their long list of on and off court benefits, there is certainly no doubt in the fact that compression tights are a supreme piece of sports gear that keeps on giving and giving and leave no room for us to question them.

There is a wide range of assorted compression tights available in the market that can prove to be the holy grail in your life if you are passionate about basketball just like our beloved NBA players are! So definitely check them out and get your game on! We are rooting for you too!