Woods, Thomas is spending time without a course and in the same pair

Los Angeles (AP) – Tiger Woods And Justin Thomas was separated by almost 17 years on the calendar and 70 victories on the PGA Tour, none of which kept them away from golf to be friends.

Thomas met Woods for the first time in his impromptu year range at the 2015 Players Championship. A year later, they were aggravated by some dark moments for Woods when his back was killing him, he was not playing and there were days where walking was tough. His future was never uncertain.

Both represent Excel Sports, and Thomas Agent Mark Steinberg asked if it was OK to reach Woods. Thomas and Ricky Fowler Became a regular visitor.

“I was thinking of him and wanted to hang out,” said Thomas. “That’s when we got close. He couldn’t do much. We wanted to make sure he was still positive, not coming down on himself, we still believed in him. “

Now they seem to have spent as much time on the golf course.

Woods and Thomas will play together in the first two rounds of this Genesis Invitational, which this year Steve Stryker, As Woods goes on his record 83rd win on the PDG Tour. This is the third year that Thomas and Woods have been in Rivera’s weekly group, which is probably not a coincidence, especially now that Woods is the tournament host.

Thomas was asked late last year why Woods liked him.

“I don’t know,” he said. “To be honest, because I don’t see him as Tiger Woods. I see him as my friend. I slept with him. To be honest, I don’t kiss him (back) like some people do. I totally respect him, and he loves me. How much time you gave. But it only hanged two friends. “

They seem to be hanging a lot inside the ropes. Since joining the Thomas PGA Tour in 2015, Thomas and Woods have played the same event only 35 times, they have already played together in 14 rounds.

More worrying is the record. In the first years for Woods, it is rare for anyone to post a high percentage of low scores. Woods and Thomas were on the same team 14 times, with Thomas having a 10-1-3 advantage.

Woods once got him the final round in the Bahamas last year and Tomas is still smirking about it. Looking back, he was more likely to lose to Woods than to win the tournament and he fears he will have to spend it.

They started two shots behind Gary Woodland, Playing a few groups in front of the leaders.

“I was so engrossed in beating him that I forgot about the tournament,” Tomas said. “” I left seven holes that were tied for lead. All I had to do was go under 2 or 3. I remember I was doing and I was crazy. I played a lot of golf with him, but never on a Sunday where we both had a chance. “

A week later as captain in the President’s Cup, Woods took Thomas as a partner in a two-team match that they won. On Tuesday, Woods reported that he carried Thomas in those two matches, which received no argument from the youngster. Thomas replied Wednesday that Woods would not be undefeated for weeks if he did not make a 15-foot birdie putt in the final hole of the second session.

There is a needle.

Woods recalls the days when he could only play four tournaments over two – four years – at his holiday event in the Bahamas. He said Thomas and his father Mike would come and ask him how to hit various short-game shots. He also learned that Tomas was not there to stay his lanky.

“JT always wants to win,” Woods said. “” She is highly motivated and extremely competitive and competes in everything we do together. It was one of the things I loved about him when I liked something about him and he came on the scene. He is so eager and thirsty for knowledge. “

Rivera doesn’t have the best memory of any one.

This is one of the courses where Woods doesn’t seem to win. He is -0-for-10 as a pro. The next row for the course where Woods played the most without winning was Shanghai’s Sheshan International and Phoenix Open’s TPC Scottsdale. He has played four times each.

Thomas played Rivera at the NCAA Championships in 2002, when Alabama took the title with Texas. He lost the match against him Jordan Spieth, Who shot a fairway bunker for the fair lap 15. What sank badly was that they lost a 5-shot lead in the final round last year JB Holmes.

For both, there is plenty to keep their minds occupied this week. Riviera is proud of being the strongest field of the year with nine of the top ten in the world. Rory McIlroy Returned to number one in the world this week and topped the list.

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